The town of Sopot is one of the leading tourist destinations in summer in Poland. Besides offering a wonderful beach, the healing properties of its waters have made it one of the health centers and major relaxation of the country.

Spas are the main attraction of Sopot. The town of Sopot is a relaxation center for many visitors and an important point in Poland.

Sopot is located on the Baltic Sea in northern Poland, in the province of Pomerania. It has a population of over 40,000 inhabitants, and together with the neighboring cities of Gdańsk and Gdynia, it forms the metropolitan area known as the Tricity.

In addition Sopot offers visitors a distinguished atmosphere of leisure and pleasure, the perfect place for relaxing, but also fun, vacation.

This is the motto of the city of Sopot:

Z Najmniejsze wielkich Miast = The smallest of the big cities.

What to see in Sopot?

  • Beaches

Sopot beach has fine golden sand. It is one of the beaches most visited by tourists from all over Poland.

  • The Sopot Pier, the longest in Europe.

It is the largest tourist attraction in the city. It is a wooden pier jutting into the Baltic Sea, is the longest in Europe and one of the longest in the world. It measures over 500 meters and is about 150 years old.

Once it has reached the end of the pier, you can enjoy stunning views of the Bay of Gdansk and Sopot.

The current pier was built in the nineteenth century as a tourist attraction for guests of the oldest spa town, and around 1928 the pier was rebuilt and extended to its current length of 500 meters.

  • The crooked house, Krzywy Domek, fun and unique.

The peculiar building which is called the Crooked House, Krzywy Domek in Polish, is one of the attractions that most astonish the tourist. It is a house built in 2004 by architects Szotyński and Zaleski. The crooked house is located at 53 Street Bohaterów-Monte-Cassino, one of the busiest shopping streets in Sopot. It houses a shopping center, a restaurant and a games room as well as several companies in the city. The singular building is considered one of the strangest in the world.

Tel .: 058 55 55 125

  • Sopot Museum, art and culture.

Sopot also has room for culture. One of the interesting visits that can be done is close to Sopot Museum, a few meters from the beach (Poniatowskiego, 8). It is an art center that was created in 2001 to mark the centenary of the city. An important part of the collection focuses on showing the decor and furnishings of the mansion that houses the museum itself. Which was the holiday residence of a wealthy Polish businessman.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 h. Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 18:00 h.

  • Lighthouse Sopot.

Sopot Lighthouse (Grunwaldzka, 1-3) is a tower that is worth a visit. You can enjoy the best views of the bay. The lighthouse is about 30 meters high. Today, the lighthouse is not operational and meets the unique feature of being an excellent vantage point.

Hours: open only in the summer months.

  • Archeological Museum.

Another interesting cultural visits is the settlement dating from the Middle Ages and has been in the vicinity of the city (Haffnera, 63), just 400 meters from the seashore. Today the Archaeological Museum strives to preserve the archaeological remains of the place.

Tel .: 58 340 66 00.


You can find more tourist information and a calendar of events and shows scheduled at the official website of the Tri-City (Sopot, Gdansk and Gdynia):